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Top 10 Ways to Promote Healthy Sleep Habits

  1. Get outside and earn it.  Being outside and getting adequate vitamin D through our skin cells promotes a Melatonin release at night.
  2. Be as active as you can.  Move throughout the day.  Circulate your blood and rest heavy.
  3. Block out the light.  Black out shades and eliminating technology.  Been shown to disrupt circadian rhythm and effect your sleep cycles.
  4. Hydrate early.  Hydrate throughout the day but have a water curfew.  Too much water will keep you making trips to the bathroom.
  5. Balance your blood sugar.  Make sure to not eat lots of carbohydrates before bed.  If you go for a nighttime snack reach for protein or better yet good fats.
  6. Eliminate inner chatter.  Write down things you need to remember.  Have your tomorrow list outlined on paper.  Let your mind forget.
  7. Turn of your electronics.  Have a curfew.  At least 90 minutes prior to you wanting to sleep.
  8. Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary.  Get rid of the noise and other tasks.  Keep TV and work out of your bedroom.  Leave for sleep and sex.
  9. Oxytocin release.  Laugh.  Hug.  Make love.  Orgasm.
  10. Alcohol and caffeine curfew.  Caffeine no later than noon.  Alcohol limit 1-2 per dinner.  Eliminate both if possible.  Disrupts ability to run sleep cycles.

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