Certifications, Presentations and CEUs


Continuing Education Units

To continue your NASM education you are required to gain 2 credit units, every two years.


NASM approved

Sling Training Certification: 0.7 CEU’s


Sling Training Certification – a look at TRX, CrossCore, SO50, and Urban Spider equipment. Learn to use the different piece of equipment, exercises for all levels, safety, progressions, and program design. All participants will need to demo and pass a test to receive their sling training certification.

Participants: Limit 12
Cost: $175
Date: TBA
Time: 12:00PM-2:30PM


Kettlebell Certification: 1.9 CEU’s


Kettlebell Certification – a look at different kettlebell methodologies. Learn the kettlebell anatomy, proper grip, safety, exercises for all levels, progressions, and program design. All participants will need to demonstrate and test to receive their kettlebell certifications.

Participants: Limit 12
Cost: $175
Date: TBA
Time: 12:00PM-2:30PM

*Participants that sign up for both will receive a $75 discount totally $275.

Please email Brock@nptifitness.com to receive your registration form



International Youth Conditioning Association Fitness Specialist Level 1

Special Introductory Fee: $750

36 in class hours, along with 12 hours of internship before finishers are eligible to sit for the exam and become level 1 certified.

The course will run over weekend time slots. The classes will be held over 6 Saturdays for 6 hour time blocks:

Class 1: The Developing Athlete (6 hours)
Class 2: The Art and Science of Coaching: The IYCA Model (6 hours)
Class 3: Practical Application Part 1 (6 hours)
Class 4: Practical Application Part 2 (6 hours)
Class 5: Program Design/Participation Part 1 (6 hours)
Class 6: Program Design/Participation Part 2 (6 hours)
Internship Requirement: 12 hours under a strength and conditioning specialist working with youth athletes. You will be assisted in finding an internship position throughout the community.

Students will get the IYCA manual, 2 DVD training set, 1 year membership to the IYCA catalog/news letter (additional year memberships are $49/year), registered for the IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist level 1, ($300 dollar value), and 36 hours of in class, 12 hours of internship ($9.35 per hour). The IYCA does not require CEU’s to remain current, however it does require the membership to remain current.

Space limited to 25. Contact Brock Marion at Brock@nptifitness.com for registration information.