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NPTI Job Fair

NPTI Prides itself on its role as a community hub, both for it’s students and graduates, as well as local business and the general public. As part of this role, NPTI hosts two job fairs a year, allowing local top quality gyms, clinics, and other health and fitness businesses to head hunt the best up and coming talent in the industry. Whether you are a current NPTI student or a graduate, come ready with an updated resume and your passion for health and fitness. Are you a local health or fitness business, and want a chance to hire the best trained fitness professionals available? The job fairs offer your company a chance to network in the health and wellness community, along with having the potential to find an excellent candidate within our current students and alumni for your growing business. This event is free for your company and open to the public. Click Here For Business Attendance Form.

Previous Job Fairs

Our most recent job fair in December 2014 had a great turnout, with many students and alumni finding their future homes in the fitness industry, while local business had a great chance to network and find some new assets for their members and clients. Thank you to all of the local gyms and business that came in 2014!

Boom Fitness
Crunch Fitness
Me Fitness Studios
NW Personal Training
The Green Microgym
Fulcrum Fitness

Whole Body Fitness Studios

Fit Academy

Portland Team Fitness

Honest PT

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Upcoming Job Fair Dates

Having just recently completed our December 2014 job fair, our next fair will be in about 6 months, but has not yet been scheduled. Please check back in soon for posted dates. Have questions or are a local business that is interested in joining? Please contact us directly.