Words From Our Alumni

Highly successful and proud of their time at NPTI, here are a few words from our alumni, both as reviews, alumni testimonials, and letters from our alumni.

Chris Kroll

5 Stars (From Our Facebook Feedback)
“NPTI Portland was outstanding! I loved the exposure they provided to other training methods & ideas in addition to teaching NASM”.

Bruno Dimarco

5 Stars (From Our Facebook Feedback)
“The education I received at NPTI has motivated me to further my education in the study of the functions of the human body. The skills and knowledge I acquired I apply every day, I recommend this program 100%”.

Eric Bernhardt- NextGen Personal Training


Service dates: Mar 89 – Nov 92

Medically separated at 60% disability

I was told 22 years ago after the military and the VA put me back together that I would need to keep a strong musculature over my damaged bones if I hoped to stave off arthritis and to give my compromised joints their best possible lives. Over the past few years I began to let my physique go and along with that my self-image suffered.

I made the decision to take back my life, both physically and mentally. Upon research I found out that NPTI Portland was highly respected, supported by the VA and that its graduates had a high rate of success after course completion. Now, half way to completion, I feel better than I have in years, feel empowered by all the information I’ve received and look forward to using my education to not only keep myself on the right track, but also help others in this new found profession.

Nick Westendorf- Primal Body Fitness

My name is Nick Westendorf, I am a US Army Veteran, my Army MOS was 68W (Combat Medic). During training for deployment I suffered a Ruptured disc in my Low back, I ended up having a Spinal Fusion and then went through the year long process of being Medically Discharged. I chose to attend NPTI Portland via my Post 9/11 GI BILL because of my love of the human body and performance. Arik Weist had the largest impact on my learning and really helped me to see things in a different way. It was the best choice I could have made in my life/career. NPTI’s curriculum, quality, and knowledge of the Instructors placed me so far ahead of the “Average” Personal Trainer in the industry. The knowledge I obtained helped me rebuild my core and low back to the point where I am back to full functionality and little pain, Trainers from this program would be the ONLY trainers that I would EVER recommend to a fellow veteran ESPECIALLY if they are post injury, combat related or otherwise!

Willie McBride, Animal Athletics

NPTI Portland has been an immensely enriching experience, providing me with a platform for personal growth, a foundation for finding and developing my passions, and a well-rounded and holistic education overall for steering my future career pursuits. The overlapping student body (half new students, half “old” students) is an ingenious design that allows newcomers to be trained and “taught” by returning students and then, in turn, to do the same themselves. That system, along with an extensive combination of classroom, text book, hands-on practical work, and supplemental readings and videos, provides an amazing opportunity for in-depth learning.

Truly the most outstanding aspect of NPTI Portland is Arik Wiest. His calm, confident, always friendly and approachable demeanor, his obvious and vast wealth of knowledge, and his great passion for teaching and for the topics he teaches impacted me greatly and the other students as well. I can say, without any exaggeration, that the benefits and repercussions of knowing and being taught by Arik Wiest are far, far greater than the sum of the curriculum he teaches. The NPTI Portland experience has been inspirational, trans formative, and enlightening and it has my highest recommendation!

Matt Osborn

My experience at NPTI Portland far exceeded my expectations! From the thoroughness and detail of the curriculum to the quality and depth of knowledge of the faculty, I soon realized this was not some dressed-up on-line certification course. The instructors are willing to bring to light divergent points of view without ascribing a personal bias to any particular viewpoint. This approach provides a valuable context for evaluating the many different points of view and opinions that exist regarding the “right” approach to health and wellness and is indispensable in today’s information-rich marketplace.

Now that I’m working with clients and refining my thinking in preparation of starting my own fitness and wellness business, I act with confidence and the authority that comes from the solid practical and theoretical foundations provided by the NPTI Personal Training course. I would recommend the NPTI experience, the curriculum and the faculty, to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their life and the lives of others.